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The Black Table turns six months old on July 7, and we've decided to have a party. Well, "party" is perhaps the wrong word. "Party" implies a guest list, with dignitaries and schmoozy tightwads shuffling around a packed room, pretending like they're really, really happy to see you again, really, it's been so long.

We don't do that at The Black Table. We decided to throw a rager. On Saturday, July 12, you are hereby invited to the six-month anniversary party for The Black Table. We will have no pretenses of formality. We will have no open bar. We will tolerate no passing of business cards. We will have quiet chit-chat time and then we will have ass-shaking sing-a-long with drunks time.

And it will be good.

Place: The world famous Nolita Tavern, home to one of the City's few smoking rooms, on 30 Spring Street, corner of Spring and Mott. Take the 6 train to Spring, then walk east. Can't miss it.

7 to 10:30 p.m. -- "The Black Table Stand-Around-A-Thon." -- Come early to meet other people who also read The Black Table and nervously chit-chat as you suck down massive quantities of booze and smoke constantly in the smoking room.

10:30 to LATE -- "Dancing and Singing 101: Just Add Booze." -- Later on in the evening, Sid and Buddy's Karaoke kicks off in the downstairs room. Or if you want to shake your groove thing, there's the "Saturdazed in Soho" party upstairs with Spin Diesel on the ones and twos. Remember: Be funky.

Just to recap: We're having a six-month party. No open bar. Smoking room. Dancing. DJs. Karaoke. Pants optional. Any questions, concerns, recipes, please email us at And we'll see you there.


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