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My name is Eric Gillin and I'm the editor-in-chief around here. Let me welcome you to the, a place where you can find all kinds of original stories because I've manipulated starving journalists and eager college kids into writing for nothing.

In the days and months ahead, our motley editorial crew will be charging headlong into whatever journalistic endeavor strikes our fancy. Our guiding principle: That there's a whole lot more to write about than the same five stories that fourteen thousand people are covering the same damn way. We want to answer the questions no one's addressing and wander into the vast landscape that other media outlets avoid.

So, what can you expect?

Well, one of our regular features is from Will Leitch, an experienced journalist (and close friend) who is also an editor at the BlackTable. On Mondays, we'll be running the latest installment in his long running "Life As a Loser" column.

Some of you might be familiar with "Loser," which covers the exploits of a naive Midwesterner as he's run through the meat grinder of life. Nearly four years ago, the column started in Impression magazine, then migrated to the legendary,took a pit stop at and currently runs on, and The BlackTable is honored to be the 4,362nd site to run it.

On Friday -- the other side of the week -- you'll find Aileen Gallagher's "Weekly Rundown." She'll give you a recap of the week's news events and links to the stories so you can see for yourself. It's about all the things you should have read, but didn't, and the stuff you tried to read, but couldn't quite get through -- written in plain English. Expect more than just facts from Ms. Gallagher, who works as a private investigator and covered both law and finance as a journalist. Not only that, but she's written three children's books, too.

In the middle of the week, expect us to publish one original story each day from a writer who slaved for nothing, just so you can have something to read while you're pretending to work at work. This is the part where you feel guilty and bookmark the site, so you can come back when the boss didn't give you anything to do and you're bored to tears.

Before you go, take some time to appreciate the excellent design provided by Jim Cooke for absolutely nothing. And over the past three months, he's gone without sleep or food or sex, just so you can have something nice to read every so often...

Oh, just come back tomorrow. We'll have something new for you. I promise.